Here We Go.

“Christmas is a game to me,” I answered, the automatic doors closing behind us to the freezing air outside, “and I intend to win.”

I thought I’d share a Xmas album this morning. Here’s Gary Hoey doing instrumental rock and one awesome version of the Grinch Theme:



Xmas Time Is Here Again

I found an old Christmas song that was ripped from vinyl titled “Merry Christmas You Suckers“. Click on the photo for the download link in mp3 format!

And if any of you have Xmas songs to share, please do. I’ve been working on a compilation myself (mainly featuring rock groups of today) and will be releasing the D/L link soon.


Because standing back for a full shot of my tree is a pain in the ass with the blinds behind it, I cropped a few ornaments behind the Cut that will have to do for now.

my tree this year is mainlyred and gold, the colors inspired bya a team on Harry Potter. Then I mixed in mirrored with frosted bulbs, shades of chocolate and various accents such as the pictured leaf and golden peacock. At the top I carefully selected and fluffed the most pro-Xmas/anti-religious symbol that I could find. The light strings were all manipulated to have only red, orange and pink lights. The result is very deep and warm.
The other area I decorated was the dining section, putting my grandma’s collection of international santas on a shelf that my grandfather made. Inside Brad’s stocking so far is the Zombie Survival book and I hope he doesn’t peek at my journal to spoil that surprise!

This fat-ass frog sits on the treadmill. She gets more use out of it than I currently do.

Brad ran this garland across the length of the dining room and it crosses the tree’s bow, making it all look connected. Excuse the poor lighting; a razr phone can only capture stuff so well.

Go into Michael’s craft store after the holidays and you can snag 50, 60, 70 dollar wreaths that have been marked down to ten bucks.

Another afterxmas wreath that was waiting to be put up.

Border lining tacky, brad put the remainder of the garland across one end of the walk-through kitchen. It’s delightful.

And that’s about all I did for this season’s decor!


Watching An Entire Season in 2 days.

I will admit publicly, or at least in journal valley, that I have compared myself to a certain Soprano more than once. I am all-too familiar with flying off the handle for stupid shit that shouldn’t mean the world. I harbor hatred and I keep score. The highest honor is having people on my team, dining with me. I know what it’s like to run things and I’ve found resolution in revenge.

I was sort of keeping an eye on the HBO show  to see what happened to the characters with that kind of mind frame…

Looks like it’s gonna be a lot of loose ends.

No For Real, Are U Kidding Me

No one told me that mending a cat’s broken leg was about as logical as mending one on a horse.

Not the ER clinic. Not my vet. I had to drive into unknown territory to see some specialists and listen to nurses and assistants swoon over how beautiful my cat is, all because they weren’t going to tell me until they absolutely had to.


And they wanted me to sign right at the bottom where she was tapping the pen.

$50 for the bandage. The post-op xrays alone are around $300. She says they tack all that on at once so I won’t have to worry about a second bill, later on.

I had to stand there a moment and look into her face. I couldn’t tell if she thought I might actually be that stupid. She kept talking and I kind of drowned her out, wondering what my real options were. She even started talking about payment plans. I let her talk; she deserved every wasted breath.

“Can you put a bandage on him please? We’re going to go.”

Five minutes later she came back in saying Corby wasn’t happy and that they would need to put him under to fasten it. It would require all kinds of blood work beforehand, to be “on the safe side” even though he was just put under to be fixed and isn’t allergic. She was dying to stick in needles and crank machine dials.

“No, you can’t.”

She replied with something in her smiley, chipper tone and we didn’t wait for the handouts they insisted on printing.

$100 for a third person to pet my cat, look at his Xray CD and go, “Yep. I bet that hurts.”

I phoned my mom, leaving an angry message that Corby was being put down. I can’t even get through because it’s always online. She raised the kitten until he was old enough to be fixed and live with me.

“… Is he gone.”

What is with people today?

Of course he isn’t fucking gone! He’s sleeping in the back seat.My eyes welled up. The cat was riding around in the car, obviously in pain with every street I turned onto.

Now I’m going to look online, how to make a cast.