In which I empty and go back to bed.

My sleep was interrupted by a phone call around midnight, which is like mid-sleep shift for me, someone who passes out from the day around nine PM. And I’ve tossed around in bed with what feels like heartburn and a stomach ulcer ever since, all some damn reaction to a ghost from the past.

I finally thought, “I’m gonna boot up that fuckin Live Journal” because I either have a piece of myself embedded here forever or feel the need to embed myself a little bit more – I’m not sure which way that whole thing works.

Same user name, twenty years from now. You’ll see.

I think tonight’s lesson, more like an exam I’ve passed several times over, is about respect for others. It’s not just tonight’s particular subject; the past fucking month has been a reunion from hell boiling in the back of my brain, uncontrollable, undeniable.

If I had known….