It’s On, or, Woes Of Wombanhood

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz,
Crazy Tom is back again.

What?! You don’t know who Crazy Tom is? Then you clearly aren’t as saturated in my own universe as I.

And it isn’t so much that he just appeared. To be honest, he has been leaving comments for the past few weeks, on and off, seemingly harmless. You know, things such as:

“I’ve spent the last six month’s trying to recall exactly what happened to me on the day of your birthday and am terrified to realize that it may have had something to do with you. I can only wonder as to whether I still have both of my kidneys. I was certainly sodomized though.”

My birthday – what? What is he *talking* about? It’s like those long, random spam messages you get in your e-mail. Then he left his phone number several times, 720-341-8378, in case, you know, I kept missing it.

You will find that worm(that concentrates the hormones(monatomic Crystalline(organic bio-assimillable) metal salts) in a woman’s womb during her moontime(Period Flow) as it gorges itself on the lining of the womb and hormones secreted by the pinial and pituitary gland.”

Checking the above links, you’ll find that notions such as these are on his mind often. This was nothing new.

I‘ve already owned and transmuted my own shadow.

I have no idea what he meant before, during or after that sentence, but I admit this one had a nice ring to it.

“What’s the matter, you couldn’t hack into my computer to plant kiddy porn, so you had me tracked down and drugged to elicit some form of your version of the truth.”

Here’s where I started to get worried. He starts talking to one of my LJ friends and acts as though this person has entered his life and made it difficult for him in ways that, clearly, are unfathomable. The reference to that variety of pornography literally came out of the blue, and that’s fairly scary.

My heart, mind, and cock were in the right place.” He says this in reference to the entire stalking. Naturally.

The newest comments are on a different level, darker, more tragic. Things such as:

– he thinks I am buying things from him online because someone in my state purchased an Ipod or something
– he thinks I went to visit him but he had no idea it was me or that I was there
– he says that bank accounts and things are suddenly frozen and that he is being framed
– he thinks his FBI file says that he is Jesus
– he thinks I regularly talk to him in my journal
– he puts an emphasis on wanting me to talk to him, to respond to his statements
– several references to wanting to press some kind of charges against me
– references to being homeless, asking me if I’m “happy now” like I did something

It’s like this darlin’, If you continue to ignore me, I’m going to be forced to take civil action in court.


Now this could get interesting.

*** UPDATE: Click on the comments section to review previously-screened correspondence!


Debbie got a DS,
What is that supposed to mean?
A stylus just as simple as
on her markdown machine

Matching high-hoisted short pants
to her pixelated screen
From young to old to cool again
Or just lost in between

Debbie Got A DS
For when she departs from home
Wireless racing, crashing plane
The best vacation known

It’s just too bad she doesn’t understand
it’s not a phone….

Debbie got a DS
And was holding it today
Her Brain Age not yet lowering
The past, so far away

Who am I to mock the need
To feel a certain way

Debbie got a DS
And she might just learn to play.