Brother Love

Last night I suggested we go out somewhere for dinner and drinks; I ended up drinking myself tired and crashed at a sad, sorry hour before dark. Today needs to go differently if anything is to be accomplished.

I received a voice mail around noon, new words to a Seal song involving the devil. Chris called back within ten minutes and I knew not to answer, as he was leaving a second song on my phone:

Chris’ Voice Mail Song

to bake…400 and fifty
to deep fry… 300 and fifty x3

oven crunchy, oven crunchy

To bake… arrange in single layers
to deep fry… place in fryer basket
to bake … make sure shrimp are not touching
to deep fry … drain ??????


oven crunchy,
oven crunchy.

Apparently he was making lunch. To hear this song instantly, click on THIS LINK where it has been uploaded to several free download services. I prefer zshare (the first green option), as it plays the file without having to download.


One response to “Brother Love

  1. Hey

    So… sounds like you’ve been… doing stuff. Crazy Tom came back. Brad learned a valuable lesson. Sounds… like it’s all been intense.

    Sadly, his brother’s house reminds me of my uncle’s where the children chew on razor blades and make a dumpster look pristine.

    Anyway, on to happier notes. I’ll be in good old MI tomorrow. You need to kidnap Brad and come to the lake, even if it’s just for a day.

    Don’t make me call you every hour on the hour until you relent. I’ll do it.

    I’m freakin exhausted and unable to sleep.

    Catch you soon, betch.


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