Swift Passing Through

 Am still substituting internet with novels and Nintendo DS. Not entirely sure that digital cable improved my life or delayed it, but am missing PROJECT RUNWAY and all I Love New York-related shows like a bitch. Contemplating having Brad sign up as a new customer for a cable deal, just not sure. Have enjoyed that extra $100 each month.

New place = love. Still babysitting, details later. Must work out passage posting, most likely laptop entries “post dated.” Missing blogworld.

Missing Britney. Hoping she hasn’t embarrassed me in that real world of ours.

More at a later time.


2 responses to “Swift Passing Through

  1. You’re missing Project Runway?! STOP IT.

    Seriously, you missed an awesome episode last week. I won’t spoil it for you, but it was six feet and a few hundred pounds worth of fabulous.

  2. >substituting internet with novels and Nintendo DS.

    ME TOO! i’ve read more books in the last several months than i have in years. i’ve been listening to music… not music while doing something else just headphones and music. after the initial withdrawl i gotta say i’m not unhappy.

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