Yes, he has a gold tooth, a head that bops out and back,
a body that swings side to side and arms that spin over the
records! I plug him into my mp4 player and he gives a light
show when he’s working. This little DJ can be found at Lowes.

Close to show time I crossed off the very last thing on my checklist but didn’t feel ready for the holiday. Tired and not looking forward to the unnaturally social aspect of the thing, I scribbled at the bottom of my notebook: I need to find a source of energy from somewhere deep inside. Brad found my papers on the floor beside his video game chair, picked up the pen and added: me too.

Top of entertainment center – our local Goodwill was selling the
entire village for a few dollars a piece/destiny!

And everything works!

The return of Xmas vinyl!


4 responses to “Holidays

  1. don’t i remember a christmas picture of you in that santa thing she is wearing… on the vinyl… cover of the vinyl?

    >dad to go into town just for basil,
    >without her full list of errands,
    >because it was a stuffing emergency.

    last chance to prepare for massive quantities of food. :D bet.

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