In Which Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy, Or, Soul Searching

Sometimes I do Nicole’s homework. Not, like, filling out her papers to hand in, but I’ll steal from the assignments and do them on my own. The criminal justice curriculum has a lot of fluff about morality applied to law, viewpoint, self-perception blah blah blah.  She leaves her shit all over the back room and I am not one of those people who can see a notebook lying on the table and leave it closed. Cause I know notebooks. They are for secret secrets!

She just got asked by a professor to write about something very dear to her, and the class is not allowed to answer “family” or “friends”. What a whopper card, right? Family and friends – isn’t that everyone’s first answer? Someone else, be it God or Toothless Tom? This can’t be that easy.

 What’s important to me? I can’t give an immediate answer that feels right. Do I care about who I am or…something that makes me alive? Do I answer “music”, though it works like a drug, making me sound like an addict? Would it be wise to tell the professor that it’s important to me, to be hooked on things?

 And what kind of a tricky question is this? Why do you want to know what I’m about? What is there, to me? Do people’s answers categorize them in some way?

 Enjoying life, as selfish as it sounds, is pretty important to me. Does that answer make me a bad person?

Animal rights are biggies, for me. Dogs and cats, especially, because of how we’ve taken them from the wild, made them love us unconditionally only to repay the majority of them with pain and famine. It isn’t a happy truth but I hold it close. I wish every animal abuser saw a cold jail cell. What is the root of that – justice?

 Ooh, I wonder if they’re supposed to answer “justice” cause that’s their major!

Haha, I solved it!

Nicole might claim her Golden Girls boxset. I better warn her.


In Which I Don’t Explain, Or, It Just Felt Right.

I had a dream that I did something, and when I woke up, it felt really significant.

So I made it happen, in a fucked up way, for a fucked up reason. It involved some dark territory that I thought had lost all value. I realize that the lack of detail is annoying, but believe me… detail is depressing.

When it was all over, I sat back and tried to figure out what I’d done. An experiment in the permanent storage of journal entries by certain RSS providers. A breathing tombstone. Tribute to the maze I’d walked. Truth that was almost erased… but never forgotten.

I believe that everyone should pay for their mistakes, but I also believe in new beginnings. If I could pass a message through their blackened stars, I would insist that the only way to lift a curse is to stop living one.

It appears as though I have reclaimed a bit of magic that went astray. That impact, that voice? Was always my own. And I will never need to call out for it, again.

Unable to leave my collection a secret, I made a wish in the form of an apology that I never got to hear.

And I hope the universe runs with it.

What an awesome day off! I took my gift card to Starbucks for an oversized cup of blended caramel, coffee and calories. YUM!

Then I hit the post office and got my chore out the way – mailing off Guitar Hero On Tour for DS, a successful Ebay sale of $32.00. And to think that Gamestop wouldn’t even let me trade it in without the original DS adapter! Even if I’d had that, I would have only seen about twenty bucks in merchandise credit while they threw it on the shelf for 45.00. Who stopped that game?

And wouldn’t you know, there’s a Japanese party store on the way home to make up for any of the money I’d saved or made.

Ninja on a string!

Stickies for my DS!
click the link above for a RAZR video of Jparty goodness

SEAL PEN! +paperz