Sometimes you just have to buy stuff.

I love shopping.

First of all, I got a bunch of new clothes for the change in season and my teller forgot to ring up my fall jacket. I knew I’d saved a lot of money but I had no idea that over $100 of it was due to negligence until I was out of town, evaluating my receipt. Honestly, I’m glad that the mistake worked out in my favor because I had recently slid my credit card for some Xmas additions:

which I prepared My Guy for as soon as he walked through the front door.

"Guess what!"
"You ordered pizza!"
"…no! I got us a little santa."
(looking up and over) "He’s not exactly little."

But for now I’m sporting the spooky stuff. Halloween USA is selling some pretty white roses decorated with blood splatter. Makes the table look spirited.

And with the Prezzy Euphoria on high, I’m off to finish the week’s chores. I took this upcoming Friday off for a 3 day weekend with no plans. Can’t wait! Hope everyone is well.


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