Tis the Season

This year we got everything up the weekend before Thanksgiving – and it made the holiday weekend so much easier to manage! I took a few photos and you can see our tree as well as a spread of the front living room behind the cut. Happy Holidays!

More Photos Of Our Pad…


Lego Results

This is what I made using the Pink Lego Bucket, available at Toys R Us. Apparently this is their first pink release that didn’t come with large dolls for toddlers. I’d like to see some more intense kits in the future because I ran out of blocks awfully fast.

Click To See Larger Size!

Good Stuff

I’m glad that my thoughts haven’t been overflowing onto this journal – perhaps it means that my brain has grown larger to house them.

Today is Xmas Dec Day. Will treat My Guy to a sodium-filled McD’s breakfast and then torture him with stringing, hanging, draping, unpacking, packing, etc. He is sleeping right now and has no idea of my BRILLIANT PLAN!

Got a sore throat and chest phlegm but have been fighting the good fight. My body has fought off every infection for the past three years which is a huge improvement for someone who used to get prescriptions once every season.

Been playing DJ Hero on expert – earned all of my stars on Hard. Built a home with Pink Legos and will add a photo when I get around to it (pink legos!! finally!).

Am very excited and happeee <3