Brittany Murphy,

I’m waiting to hear more about how you died. I’m also wishing that I would have sent you fan mail. Of all the different types of women out there, you stood out, to me – and I am not easily charmed. It didn’t matter what crap movie you were in – that wasn’t the point. The point was that you always had this crazy laugh, this wild look in your huge-ass eyeballs. No matter what color your hair was or how they dressed you, you always looked a little dirty and by God, I loved that about you. Your tone of voice was deep and feminine; I have the digital single Faster Kill Pussycat which you made a club hit.

On my last birthday I bought a gigantic party tray of sushi rolls and watched Ramen Girl with my best friend – and it wasn’t downloaded or anything, I actually paid five fucking dollars at the outrageous Blockbuster price. And you know what? It was a damn good day.

Brittany, you kicked some sexy ass. I wish you were still here.

Your fan forever,
Autumn May
the Great Dame


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