Christmas List

Today is Christmas, which meant for us, a day off before tomorrow: FAMILY DINNER HOSTING. The house is 95% there, the menu is 99% there. I still have to prepare it, display it, and get myself ready before noon. Final countdown stuff.

My head is swimming with thoughts. The expense, the execution, whether or not I have enough pans and dishes. The broken phone call home when my brother sounded tired and distracted. I wish it wasn’t just Guy’s side, tomorrow, but Mom is recovering from knee surgery and the rest of them are mentally incapable.

It might be amazing. It might be a catastrophe. It might be nothing special and let me down. Getting through this will mean a lot to me, and say a lot for progression in ourselves and our relationship. We are going from apartment dwelling tag-a-longs to the other side, tomorrow. We’ve established something for ourselves and we’re giving back.

The drama, the diplomacy – it’s too much to think about. I do better with those things head-on.

Confectionery sugar, shredded cheddar. Put hand towels in the bathroom and bring down the guest soaps.

Here we go.


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