Ceramic Planter

I snatched this planter for 12 bucks at a resale shop. These are typically a $50 container. Check Home Goods for great deals in their garden department.

The technique I borrowed from is called Ikebana.

Last winter I went to the Detroit Institute Of Art and attended a seminar on Japanese floral arranging. They had some really good tips on how to break from exact symmetry for creative displays. Using three main focal points, heaven (high, straight up and down), man (middle, off center) and earth (low, sideways), I chose pieces from my garden and brought them all together with a few accents (I am not a simple girl – I like lush, I like busy).

I really like how it came out! The fern is thriving and (TIP!) flowers that are too leggy on the ground (such as pansies bought and planted early) hang over a pot nicely.


Good As Old

This morning I walked down to a garage sale on my street and a family was selling My Little Ponies, Pound Puppies, Cabbage Patch dolls and Care Bears 50 cents a piece.

It was a good day.


I found a birthday pony on my birthday weekend.

What a joke.

I know you must think of me as some sort of fucking evil force in your life.

Probably not a future where you erase it from the start.

I thought he said ‘sex site’, and I said, “Dad, we don’t HAVE a sex site.”

I don’t even know what to say. It’s funny, and it’s awful.

“No such thing as ‘too much honesty’. At least, not in my book.”

Blame me for the hell in your life. Cause Wal*Mart and demons were making you look pretty
last time

You locked the door behind you.
How did your life’s recap sound, when you told it, again?
Did you make it sound like you were helpless?

Someone else felt pretty helpless when she called her grandma to come save her and make the bad feelings in the air, go away.

I don’t need you making any more hassle for me. Leave us alone. She knows about the abortion, about the girls, about YOU, about blah blah blah blah blah blah.


Thank You

This was waiting for me when I got up, this morning.

I don’t spend much time here anymore, but I didn’t want to miss wishing a happy birthday. My personal feelings about b-days is legendary down here in the dirty south. When I turned 40, I ended a relationship of 7 years over a b-day party, when my only birthday wish was to have NO PARTY. It was the only thing I ever asked her NOT to do for me, and she thought I was being “silly.” When I turned 50 (yes, I’m THAT old now) I consented to having a “this is your life” b-day party. I was asked what I thought was important in my life. I rattled a list off the top of my head and someone had the foresight to write it down. They presented it to me at the end of the night. It was my ex-GF from 10 years before. She was there with someone else, of course. Here’s the list:

Family – It’s how we’re defined
Friends – They keep us honest
Music – Medicine for the mind, body and soul
Books – Friends that help us experience the many facets of life
Love – Nature’s glue to keep the world from flying apart
Laughter – The sound of a contented soul

I have enjoyed reading your thoughts over the years. Some brought me to tears, others left me scratching my head. Still others made me laugh. You are truly the puzzle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. I play my Great Dame’s Spring Mix CD often when I’m driving. My favorite bit is you, in harmony, for your rendition of The Boxer at the end of the CD. I thank you for that, and for being an unseen, yet tangible part of my life. I hope that yours is favored with sunny days, cool nights and many pleasant hours in between. Happy birthday Autumn.


Thank you. It means a lot to me.

The Remix

While most people ask for their birthday off, I asked for the last day in my twenties.

It started off Sunny. I even made it to McDonalds in time for a steak bagel.

I caught up with myself.

Then the clouds rolled in. The TV started scrolling about floods.

She laughed, ruffling the feathers behind her.

Autumn May learned to swim like a motherfucker, eons ago.

Atta girl.

I am the one on the rooftop,
I am the one in the tree.
I am the one in an inflatable tube,
I am the one out at sea

Another flood warning.

The TV showed me a tornado. Of all the towns in the entire world,

THAT one?!

They are all okay.

Would they have been?
Would you have been?

When I turn thirty,
I don’t want to think about this shit, anymore.

But all the things that I don’t say,
all the the places I don’t go
I’ll have it in me all the time
from Misery to Chicago

More tornadoes on the TV. It relieves me. Cram some other cities, in there. Lose that one in the stream of CNN scrolls.


That’s my life.
Load it, read it,
Admit that you do,
Act like you don’t,
Never read it again,
22,29, 39, 49,

I am GreatDame, Autumn May. And there will always be numbers, enigmas, promises, heartstrings, goodies, baddies, storms, sunrises and endless possibilities. Same song and dance.

Maybe nothing ever really goes away – it just gets remixed.

Always Here

The objective was to get a detailed picture of my bench planter for Mom and Dad but I kept getting in the way of the shots.

And I understood a little better, why I enjoy this so much.

I’m never really gone.

I am in everything I do.

The Vulcan

For that element of Geekery, a cultivar of Gorkus Delecti, I brought home one of the newest hostas, the Vulcan.

Then I accidentally stepped on him.

my bad

A few weeks later:

Re-cooperating under the Bridalwreath, I can tell that it will live long and prosper.


UPDATE! 7/19: