Of Birds and Bees

I was totally inspired by these nesting baskets that are decorative and serve to give birdies the things they need for nests (grasses, feathers, moss, cotton etc). While I still want to do a “designer” version using grapevine and ribbons, I had to throw something together, today!

From the local dollar store I found the basket, organics, ribbon with cotton and assorted mosses. For feathers I picked up one of their dream catchers. Even if you had to purchase a mini glue gun, which I already had, the cost would be less than ten dollars.

What I ended up doing: hot glued moss to the basket, stuck feathers into organics to be retrieved easily by birds, fluffed the mosses and glued on a few botanical chunks that were not very heavy. The whole thing took less than an hour and left me wanting more. I think I’ll hang this from my iron hook while the skies are clear and see if any birds take interest.

Speaking of birds and bees, I came across a cool charity. For $30 you can give the gift of a bee hive and help an entire village.

Now that’s sweet.


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