The Remix

While most people ask for their birthday off, I asked for the last day in my twenties.

It started off Sunny. I even made it to McDonalds in time for a steak bagel.

I caught up with myself.

Then the clouds rolled in. The TV started scrolling about floods.

She laughed, ruffling the feathers behind her.

Autumn May learned to swim like a motherfucker, eons ago.

Atta girl.

I am the one on the rooftop,
I am the one in the tree.
I am the one in an inflatable tube,
I am the one out at sea

Another flood warning.

The TV showed me a tornado. Of all the towns in the entire world,

THAT one?!

They are all okay.

Would they have been?
Would you have been?

When I turn thirty,
I don’t want to think about this shit, anymore.

But all the things that I don’t say,
all the the places I don’t go
I’ll have it in me all the time
from Misery to Chicago

More tornadoes on the TV. It relieves me. Cram some other cities, in there. Lose that one in the stream of CNN scrolls.


That’s my life.
Load it, read it,
Admit that you do,
Act like you don’t,
Never read it again,
22,29, 39, 49,

I am GreatDame, Autumn May. And there will always be numbers, enigmas, promises, heartstrings, goodies, baddies, storms, sunrises and endless possibilities. Same song and dance.

Maybe nothing ever really goes away – it just gets remixed.


One response to “The Remix

  1. ~swimming like a motherfucker~ You are so pretty. You will be even more beautiful tomorrow. Keep me posted on the more prayer I’ll keep in my heart.. Stay twisted!

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