Good As Old

This morning I walked down to a garage sale on my street and a family was selling My Little Ponies, Pound Puppies, Cabbage Patch dolls and Care Bears 50 cents a piece.

It was a good day.


I found a birthday pony on my birthday weekend.


4 responses to “Good As Old

  1. I knew it would pay off if I stayed the course!

    When I ran up to all of those plastic totes full of my toys I was like

    THEEE TREASSSSUUURRRRRRE! with flailing arms.

    • :)

      The one with red, sparkled eyes made me think of you! I had her a long time ago but I didn’t use her much because she seemed strange – not “eyelashy” enough for play.

      What are you having for dinner? Brad grilled steaks, way up here (in the north where it’s cold *EYEROLL*) and they were amazing. But you won’t see Brandon till tomorrow :( boooo.

      • I used to bbq in the snow when we lived in Mo. Anytime is a good time.

        I’m making chicken because the little one’s will always eat that.

        boo one of my favorite expressions.

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