Lessons in Uneducated Selection


When I lived in an apartment, I designed a pretty raised bed that featured Azaleas at the sides, Summer Snowflake in the middle, a row of Dusty Millers and small border of alyssum in the front. The red bricks are from my family back home:

Everything came with me to the house. All I left behind was a pile of dirt.

Sadly, I watched the azaleas become diseased. Apparently azaleas are hard to keep healthy in Michigan. After planting them in a few different areas with no success, I pulled them out of the ground and tossed them this May.

Dying azalea. Called it quits after several tries.

The Summer Snowflake seemed stunted, as it didn’t grow nearly like it should. Moving it was too much – it died.

As for the fuzzy millers, they are labeled as an annual for Michigan. Awesomely enough, some of the plants held on and can be spotted in my shade bed.

It goes without saying that the tiny border plant along the front was an annual that was not coming back. My first planter arrangement is no more.

Another plant I experimented with was a tropical looking one (ID to be retrieved) that just didn’t seem to like the sun or the wind and ended up looking like this:

Dead branch, brown spots, wilted.

This taught me a lot about value, shock and lifespan. I will know about a plant before I buy it, and it will be hardy and forgiving if it’s going home with me.


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