When I first got my sun bed, it was filled with yuckas (or ‘yucca’s). Their full-grown ugliness can be seen HERE. Why anyone would want that pointy, dead and deteriorating look is beyond me. As I have stated before, it wasn’t so easy as simply digging them out or even burning them to the ground. Their root system runs deep under the dirt, tunneling everywhere in a grid. If you don’t get all of the bulbous root then whatever is left will just sprout more yuckas.

I got most of them in the sweltering heat of last summer. But I haven’t gotten them all.

Today I spotted a yucka trying to come back. It’s small and looks a lot like crabgrass. Undoing some of my hard work, I moved mulch to the side, took a deep breath and dug with my shovel. I was lucky enough to bring up the leftover root system, which almost never happens!

You can see from the photo, how it was cut from both ends during the last attempt at removal. Normally the base of these things is like a large salami package. Dirty and invasive. Easy to hate.

Curious, I scratched the inside of the bulb and was totally grossed out by what happened:

Yeah. That’s a greasy goo. Or YUCK, if you will.

One less nasty bastard to worry about.

Some more good news – look who I spotted as I was rotating the container garden:

The adult toad that was missing! She’s burying her fat head into the little holes in my bricks because they fill up with all sorts of insects. I seem to have constructed a sort of buffet!


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