Today Brad is smoking ribs on the grill. Out on the patio table is a bucket of “mop sauce” and some weird brush that resembles a tiny mop. Although the heat is coming mainly from coals he has the meat off-center and exposed to a few pieces of burning wood that I can only assume is for the sake of flavor. He’s very excited about the whole thing.

We suffered RROD just in time for a disappointed boyfriend’s birthday. RROD, as in, Red Ring Of Death on the Xbox 360.


Pennies wrapped in black electrical tape.

We did everything we could. Xclamps, pad removal, towel bake…but it was more serious than thermal paste or fever. We called its death on Monday evening. Lasted six years – which is a good run, anymore, for anything.

When I asked why he was packing it into the truck he simply said, “I’m taking it [/theXbox] out to the country and I’m going to shoot it.”

I spent a moment allowing that to process, thought of Hunter, and told him, “Okay.”



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