Last night, zombie outbreak, dream = terrifying! It went like this: the zombies were out there and headed for my house, but as long as you turned off every light and ceased every noise they’d continue right on down the neighborhood for someone else to eat.

I was panicky, running from light to light (so many lights) and sometimes they wouldn’t turn off when I flipped the switch because dreams are stupid like that. Eventually though, I escaped.

Then I looked at my brother and he was five. I said, “Chris! You won’t believe it – you’re young, again, like really young. A child.”

“I am?”

“Yeah, this has to be a dream!”


Everything is so intense right now that there’s hardly any time to think for myself. My new training is unlike anything I’ve been through before. Sometimes, because it deals with a handful of intimidating things, I briefly imagine quitting – but I press on. Surrendering is not the right answer. I can feel it.

And so, every day, I get better. I doubt myself less. I learn new things.

There are a few easy questions that I ask myself when I’m evaluating an option: if it makes me happy, if it’s good for me, and if I can be proud of it. Some have learned the hard way, that if I don’t get a ‘yes’ out of all three… that I’m not going to be game.


2 responses to “Progress

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