I Went Back Home

I woke up feeling sad, this morning. Brad is pretty good at picking up on that sort of thing as long as I'm lying around with a big frown, unwilling to respond to the world around me. He suggested we put the pups into the new car and head up to see my family. I smiled and grabbed my camera.

It's beautiful how the trees are, right now. A lot of them have shed completely, leaving the marks of dark brown branches against a sky getting colder. It's definitely the November look for Michigan. You can still see every color.

This is my road, a shot I've taken several times throughout the years and seasons.

This was a vine with blossoms winding through foilage on the ground.

A lot of our land is wooded.

This is the swing set my grandfather built. My dad put the swing up to make mowing easier. It hasn't been down in a while.

Our old burn barrel that used to smoulder every day with used paper goods.

The details of these photos at full size is incredible, to me. It's so comforting to look at these and see what I was feeling, reflected back in them.


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