We Did It!

Halloween was amazing! I hauled all of the decorations outside, lit a trail of candles and jack-o-lanterns and got everything ready. Brad ran orange and purple across the house and brought out some black lights.

Apparently the twenty or so trick-or-treaters who were pampered last year told all of their friends. We got swamped with about 100 kids. I love watching the excitement when I tell little hands to take “as much as they can grab”. It’s a mutual high.

It also causes you to run out of candy in about thirty minutes.

Stressing that the night would be an epic fail, Brad took off for the store and I ran through every cupboard. I was NOT going to disappoint. Without missing a step I was quickly back outside with a huge bowl filled with stuff. Small bags of chips, powdered lemonade cups…

“Whoa, popcorn!”

“Kool-aid, awesome! Can I have some water?”

By the time Brad pulled back in I was down to my last three crackers and cheese, hoping that I wouldn’t have to resort to ramen. They ended up raving about the weird stuff more than the actual candy.

The cutest kid was being lead around in a wagon with crosses all around it and a sign that read: will bless for candy. The girl could only have been about three years old, dressed like mother Theresa. I also really liked a fat boy clown.

Everyone said that they dug our “pumpkins” like carving was a lost art. The way they burn into the night is really sharp. I love the flicker of a real flame way more than bulbs and illuminated inflatables.

Our last little bumblebee looked like she got off to a late start, after dark, running up our driveway while her dad stayed inside his car. Brad and I both dug into the bowl and filled up her empty pillowcase.

Duchess munched on some Dots. I gave her the green and yellow ones. She liked kissing the kids.

When you give your all and bring your light,
the devil has nothing to do with the night.


2 responses to “We Did It!

  1. Sounds like a great night. I’m kind of sad that nobody has never come here to Trick or Treat. I’m also kind of glad, because I’m sleeping by the time the festivities start.

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