Everyone should be getting their Christmas cards any day, now. I provided a different little rant for each one of them so as not to be another folded piece of paper. Enjoy my ranting and crooked, penned lines!

I’LL BE ON WATCH             sh!t, hit caps lock. I’ll be on watch until midnight, tonight.

At my last job, a woman with cereal, pancake mix, milk and bottled water handed over her gift card (which had an $80 balance) when I asked to see proof of purchase. She explained that the receipt must have been placed in one of her re-usable bags and then bolted out the door with her cart. I watched on the camera as she was almost struck by a black SUV; that was how badly she needed to get away with stealing food.

I spent some time rotating that card through my fingers, considering the true story she must have to tell.

One thing I like about my new company is that we don’t sell anything you need to live, like groceries. That way I don’t have to feel bad for detaining anyone or releasing them to the police. I can concentrate solely on keeping everyone safe and secure.

I’m making money, I have more friends now than I did this time, last year and I’m actually writing, again. More parts of me are actively functioning than ever before.

In the end, you just have to follow your heart.


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