“The world famous Boogie Woogie Wu will come to you.”

When someone comes in to the building with over-sized clothes or accessories I make note of it. It’s not a matter of taste or style, or color or sex – it’s the perfect opportunity that concerns me.  Shopping bags, after all, can be worn and used to steal.

One gentleman in particular had a large, puffy coat that I really liked for the vibrant red color. I didn’t pay much attention to him (after all, it was chilly out so most people are gonna dress appropriately). It was a bit uncommon to see a man holding two big fistfuls of DVDs as he made his way around, but ‘uncommon’ is not a problem.

He had a few WWE titles and some horror movie called Rubber, among other things.

After he made his purchases, like a lot of other people, he pulled a hat over his head to prepare for the outside weather. I recognized an emblem on it for Physchopathic Records which is why my gaze lingered. It always amuses me to see a ‘juggalo’. Not only am I educated in their music – a proud fan is often passionate and living in their own culture of the dark carnival.

Then I realized something at the very last second, as he was actually facing me on his way out. The eyelids, the cheeks, the lips. Instantly familiar. This wasn’t a fan.

It was Violent J without any face paint on.

As he stopped to look at the candy machines in our vestibule, I was bubbling up. I said to the nearest employee, “Pretty sure I just told Violent J to have a good one.”

“Violet J?” She mispronounced, “Who is that??” and walked over to speak to him. He was vague, ‘yeah, I tour with a group’, etc.

“I had no idea – she’s the one who knew who you were,” said Leia, pointing to me. J looked back inside.

I smiled, waved, said something like “Hi, I just, I’ve never seen you before. Awww! That’s cool. Thank you.”

He thanked us and turned away. The automatic doors closed.

Gurrrrrl?!?! You see how he looked at me? You know he likes the black girls!” Cierra shouted, throwing her arms up, doing a little dance.


8 responses to ““The world famous Boogie Woogie Wu will come to you.”

  1. One of my kids in the recent past was a Juggalo. It was interesting to see her version of the lifestyle and how it adapted to the group home. She isn’t one to wear the makeup (for which my fear of clowns was thankful).

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