Holey Moley

While watering outside this morning I noticed that my hose was washing away the soil to reveal a few holes in the yard. I thought, “I’m gonna stick this hose in the ground to see if I can tell how serious this tunnel is” and after I flooded the hole, this furry thing came squirming out for air:

OMG! I ran and got a container to put Holey Moley in. He had these massive front hands, a long pink nose and a stubby tail. He was young adult size. I felt really bad for him, all confused and disoriented. So I drove out a few miles and set him free.

This means that there are probably a few more. I bet the mild winter increased the grub population, giving moles plenty of incentive to move in. We bought grub killer this afternoon and if I can’t flush out and trap any more then I’ll need to set some poison in the tunnels.

I’m hoping for this battle to be short and quick.


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