It’s mah birfdae.

This signature cake from Cold Stone Creamery…

If anyone is so bored and/or inclined, I accept congratulations in the form of celebratory comments and overly enthusiastic, cliche gifs made at Blingee. Kittens, tiaras, balloons – this special occasion knows no limits.

Seriously, though, I’m always kind of happy on this day. I think it’s because birthdays were something my family got right. We always celebrated, making the affair so big that you couldn’t help but be proud to be alive. Dysfunctional, maybe. Abuse, allegedly. Loved, ultimately.

The streamers, the banners, the wrapped boxes to the ceiling… I can see them. And if that means I have a proud side then so be it – because I’m not going anywhere unless I parade around, once in a while.

I still feel special on May 26th.

“What the hell are you doing, working on your birthday?” asked Kyle.
“Oh, they needed me. I have the next few days off though.”
“Well that’s good. You better celebrate.”

Just then the boys from the install bay came up to turn in their keys. I noticed them with a bottle of that iced coffee stuff flavored with sugar and chocolate. Unopened.

“Tony, it’s my birthday. Can I have this?”
“It’s really my birthday. I love these. Please? I want it.”
“Ahum…well, okay! Happy birthday!”
To the other boy I said, “Look what Tony gave me for my birthday!”
“Oh! That…was mine. That’s okay though. Happy birthday!”

This pleased Kyle.”Atta girl! You’re on a roll, now.”

…is called Cookie Dough Delirium



41 responses to “W00t

    (This is not how I wanted to start our this comment. I really wanted to start it by saying “Happy Awesome Birthday and I’m glad you enjoyed it!”, but, I’m sure you understand….OMG THE CAKE!!!)

  2. Happy birthday!

    So I’m confused. The couple went into the store, and then they exited the store, probably high. After leaving the store, they sell a baggy full of (probably) coke in the parking lot. Now my question is, why did they go into the store in the first place?

    My only conjectural answer is that it makes sense they got the coke in the store, but there’s no evidence of that, is there?

  3. Happy Birthday! (I’m totally late, but whatever :p)

    …..well…that explains why the woman was doing cart wheels lmao. Seriously though that’s really terrible. Wow

    That cake looks amazing. IS THAT ICE CREAM TOO?! IS THAT COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM?!?!

  4. Hey This is hard for me because I have never done anything like this.. but I have a huge crush on you. I have never been able to tell you for reasons which you would quickly identify as obvious if you knew who this was. I’m really attracted to you and I think you would be wanting to get with *Read FULL Card Here* http://lovedate.unudulmaz.com

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