A formal affair, but not for long.

So, my whole idea with the landscape was to do a formal look of green accented with ONLY WHITE. But somehow color always sneaks its way in either by plants from friends and family or a really great price at some nursery. Early in the Spring, though, the first things to emerge are true to my original theme.

I love how the pie crust edges and appearance of separate petals gives a flowing, moving look.

Petunia alongside the ‘trinity weed’ I accidentally grew in the basement. I purposely planted these white annuals in areas that had a lot of thick greens in order to create visual interest.

Bridal Wreath shrub, closeup. One day I want to make an actual wreath with this plant.

Bloom from Snow On the Mountain.


2 responses to “A formal affair, but not for long.

  1. Bridal Wreath! We had that growing at the first house I lived in as a kid–I’ve seen it here and there since then, but never knew what it was called until now. Thanks!

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