A Gardener Upset

They cultivated an entirely 'black' petunia in 2011 named Black Velvet, which is more or less the deepest burgundy I've ever seen. My wardrobe is a series of blacks, whites and grey and I love its selling slogan "Everything Goes With Black". This year I picked up one small pot of it in appreciation.

Constantly replacing its blooms, a flower that lasts so long in its prime is ideal. But the other day I was walking out to my car when I just happened to notice a color pattern that alarmed me. It's as if the parent plant was possibly coming through, leaving some flowers not entirely black after all. That would be okay, if I wasn't so picky about the true nature of some things…and the names they are given.

That tiny implication instantly reminded me of the petunia with a black base and large yellow star pattern.

"Phantom." If I stared at it any longer I was going to have to speed to work.

Upset, fooled and offended in the most unfair of ways, I considered ripping it out of the ground.

But I couldn't do it. It's just a flower and shouldn't matter either way. Unless, of course, you have a spiritual garden, in which case I strongly recommend that you find more strength than I have… when it comes to things we learn much later on


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