Of Battles and Plans

Today I went out to do a little watering and general surveying for good measure, and I’m sure glad I did…As I watered several plants, they just sort of toppled over like the roots had been severed. The soil seemed to shift and cave. Moles were back. I flooded some of the holes and actually saw a baby mole scurry across the garden!

Frustrated with the lack of lazy in my Sunday, I grabbed my wallet and took off for Home Depot. We were all out of bait so I dropped another thirty bucks on death worms and pellets. Brad helped locate the tunnels and we set the bait.

I pulled all of the spent stems from the day lilies that now looked like tall, brown sticks sticking straight up. Anything sort of yellowed or browned was plucked and pulled, returning the display to that fresh green impression.

My neighbors to one side have obvious mole tunnels all the way around their house and they don’t seem to care. That is some Boooolshit.


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