And My Mouth Will Proclaim: Nom Nom Nom

It was a "grab a rosary off the wall and wear it" sort of day.

My parents came down to visit. We hadn’t seen each other for months – even Christopher popped out of the car! Everyone is facing troubles but we all came together when it was time to share a meal and act like everything was going to be okay. And that’s what family is for.

Yay for a clean house, too. I made sure everything was ready. Brad’s birthday is coming up and they bought him a grilling patio. I’m waiting for him to get out of work so I can surprise him and make him put it together. Happy Birthday: Now Get Back To Work.

We were so busy catching up that I didn’t have a chance to try Mom’s dessert when she was here. All the better – as I was able to gobble it down with shots of coffee liquor and chocolate milk without judgment. Blackberry cake, with whole berries baked right in from my grandpa’s farm. I told my mom it was incredible and she texted back:

My Mom used the phrase “I know, right?!?!”. We have officially landed on Mars.

Sugary and tart at the same time. Oh man.

Today's shot glass of choice, silver Jager edition.

Christopher was reserved, never removing his sunglasses or speaking until spoken to. There wasn't enough time to break through his exterior. I just made sure to hug him and cut him a piece of cake.

Sorrowful and glorious mysteries rotate among the joyful.

The Duchess, watching me snack.


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