Autumn’s Pugbug, The Duchess


Here are a few photos from the late morning. I had slept soundly and dreamed some really inspirational things that I was jotting down on my laptop when I looked over and saw The Duchess in my reading chair. (Okay, sometimes it's more my 'DS gaming chair' than anything else.)

In fact, that little purple basket you can barely make out to the right is filled to the top with video games, Tamagotchis and all cute things distracting.

Duchess is a companion pug who tends to be in the same room as you, even if you aren't aware. And she's big on comfort: smooth surfaces when hot and soft places when not.

I just grabbed my camera from my desk and started inching my chair closer to her.

In my dreams, carnival rides plummeted to the ground. People tried running over to the bent and twisted metal in order to take cover from the dinosaurs that were passing through. Meanwhile, electronic wildlife was changing form and burrowing into the ground so as not to get crushed.

My dreams made me want to explore so we're going to go for a car ride with the GPS! Wish us luck.


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