Seasonal Beers

There are so many choices out there for festive beers. I really like Oktoberfest. Although the pink drink featured above made my mouth frown and my eyes all squinty, I'm keeping the bottle for my bedroom decor. <3


4 responses to “Seasonal Beers

  1. Pink! Voo-Doo Brew! :) Bacon maple “~

    There is a Rouge Brewery upon the Oregon Coast, down upon the Warf in the coastal town of Newport. But I have never had the Voodoo Brew! It is a very cool Bottle.

    -As well the Pumpkin Ales are awesome. Oh and there is one out, (green label with Smiling Jack O’ Lantern.) Its a large Volume bottle as well, but its Spendy, at $13.00, its aged Pumpkin ale, more of a Pumpkin Champagne from what I’ve been told of it.

    -Hah, Octoberfest! :D

    -Pavot Pours the Lady Jägermeister shots, :) Until she’s doing the Chicken Dance :D

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