How Darling

I was thrilled to get these cheesy Halloween cards in the mail from family today!


Dream Fragments

A group of us, gathering things from the floor and counters, like we were packing to leave. Family, maybe. A visit to my grandparents’ home.

Someone was there. I don’t remember anymore. The names or anything else proven too difficult to handle.

All I could see of them was from the corner of my eye – that blurry, vague shape of torso. An identifiably burgundy sweatshirt shape, sitting there on a rollaway bed.

I couldn’t see them because I refused to look at them. Absolutely. Refused.

They were leaving. And not leaving with the rest of us. I was very upset and offended by the strange state of THERE and HERE this left behind, this shape sitting there and not leaving quickly enough to warrant anything ever decided. Anything ever said or about to be.

The house changed. We were all moving around inside the house I grew up in. I went over to the dining room window, a large double pane of glass with wooden trim peeling white paint. Even in my dreams I will stop and try to find my thoughts.

Someone watched. Watched me being who I am. The feeling of exposure. The trees red and gold. The dirt road. Everything a little bit beautiful…

Then I looked down and saw someone halfway into a strange car, moving things around, visiting but not welcome. Same feeling I’d get whenever one of my brother’s friends pulled in who was more dealer than friend. Typical bad spot on a pretty canvas. One regretful dab of paint several shades too dark.

“I don’t want this foolishness in my big picture. I can’t have it, anymore,” I finally said, turning around.

“You need to leave, now.”

Harvest Evidence

Here are some more photos from home during Halloween countdown. I got the day off from work and will be passing out candy that night.

I love these little guys. My grandpa used to grow a ton of them. I found these at Home Depot of all places.

Our boston terrier's shirt

Living room buffet table. We replaced our normal bulbs with black and orange lights. Silhouette from the Dollar Tree.

Light draped around our mantle like garland, purple and orange.

The Duchess is so huggable in her costume. Clearanced to five bucks at Micheal's Craft Store!

There is a Halloween store site floating around, The Vintage Halloween Store. I found it amusing to You Tube Martha Stewart Halloween themes and there is one where she scares the crap outta some little kids.

The Book Of Red

My brother is visiting. His appetite is up and he is mindful of so many things that I worried would remain forgotten…and best of all, we’re having fun. Yesterday I took him to that coin-operated museum and he seemed to enjoy the spectacles. A few photos he took are behind the cut:

In the e-mail he sent to me he wrote: Marvin’s Marvels! A must-see for anyone and everyone in or around Detroit. Get drunk and get dropped off here. Order nachos and play arcade games. Fall down our hallways. Cut your ass up when you finally stumble and fall into one of our many giant glass displays.

My brother has a unique sense of humor. It makes me laugh.

Annnnd, here are our jack-o-lanters!


Kitty stencil altered to include claws, pointed tail, cat eyes and teeth!

I have to admit – this one kicks some ass. Brad carved it.

Seeds before I toasted them in the oven with butter and salt.

Globe on the piano.

In ode to Halloweeny Time, I’ve opened up The Book Of Red, an archive of my brother’s rhymes during his teenage years. The account was lost in 2003 and recently recovered. Never intended to be published as-is, the journal is a compilation of things he had written on his bedroom walls, paper plates, the back of report cards, etc from Before.

Sometimes the easiest way to get rid of a monster is to simply let it out.

Home Shoot

This week I traveled North and picked up my little brother from home. Before we headed back together I took a lap around the house and shot a few photos. It has gotten so cold, so fast – and my family has so many little potted plants that look like they're going to frost over in mid-bloom. Lots of green tomatoes, frozen. I like the way the crisp air smells so very opposite of the muddy, messy Spring breeze.