The Book Of Red

My brother is visiting. His appetite is up and he is mindful of so many things that I worried would remain forgotten…and best of all, we’re having fun. Yesterday I took him to that coin-operated museum and he seemed to enjoy the spectacles. A few photos he took are behind the cut:

In the e-mail he sent to me he wrote: Marvin’s Marvels! A must-see for anyone and everyone in or around Detroit. Get drunk and get dropped off here. Order nachos and play arcade games. Fall down our hallways. Cut your ass up when you finally stumble and fall into one of our many giant glass displays.

My brother has a unique sense of humor. It makes me laugh.

Annnnd, here are our jack-o-lanters!


Kitty stencil altered to include claws, pointed tail, cat eyes and teeth!

I have to admit – this one kicks some ass. Brad carved it.

Seeds before I toasted them in the oven with butter and salt.

Globe on the piano.

In ode to Halloweeny Time, I’ve opened up The Book Of Red, an archive of my brother’s rhymes during his teenage years. The account was lost in 2003 and recently recovered. Never intended to be published as-is, the journal is a compilation of things he had written on his bedroom walls, paper plates, the back of report cards, etc from Before.

Sometimes the easiest way to get rid of a monster is to simply let it out.


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