Love Does This

Sacred and selfish are those moments with me, when my universe is revolving around you. Every troubled, captivating personality is like that. They catch you with their light, and draw you in. Unpredictable moments are uneven but always yours.

Always ours.

Oh, before the sun sets. Before the many moons. On a good stretch it can take years.

If only she could always be, then everyone would be much happier.

How troubled they look.

How their little world crumbles in to so many pieces.

One day they happen to lean too far in, and utterly stunned, they realize:

You are not alone in there.”

I’m not alone.

The sands of time must reside somewhere.


*Edit: the things mentioned above, what I was holding on to and how, was slowly driving a wedge between me and my boyfriend. Looking back on this, it makes me sad.


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