Called Out

Every other month or so we have a meeting in the morning for any company changes and campaigns. This time we watched a few videos about the holidays before the general manager moved on to his recognition piece. His power point slide said “PLATINUM” and he spoke a little bit about how someone had achieved the top status for their efforts and blah blah blah.

He clicked his remote and the screen showed a “…”

“Can anyone guess? No?” Then he flipped to the next slide and it was a huge picture of this on a 60” TV:

Everyone started cracking up and yelling, “AUTUMN!”

THAT was unexpected.

After the meeting a new hire went up to me and said, “I hadn’t been here no more than an hour and I knew exactly who that was supposed to be!”

I’m still getting the occasional comment that I pretend to understand.

“I didn’t know you were famous.”

?!-oh,the slide thing.

“You should have,” I answered, in my faux-serious way.


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