Conference Call, An Inside Look

Breakfee de champeeowns.

As an experimental treat I will now conduct my conference minutes via Word and post its contents.

267 autumns here, 734 joe’s here whoops almost missed roll call.

External is like woah, no duh. We have to stay diligent. Never put yourself into a situation to get hurt. Work with your local authorities.

CONFIDENTIAL mill count corrections big wig talking to his peers says it’s velocity and product control.

Protect the assets in our stores. Oh really is that what I should do.

They’ll come into town like the carnival and sweep all retailers. That’s who these people are.

I think he just said “produck” and not “product”

Great, ten new alerts. Those will be fun to read.

Shoplifter got killed at wal mart and some of their ap agents got their asses kicked. We aren’t wal mart.

Information coming down the pipeline to make changes. We need to stop the bleeding around the shrink piece.

Entering with loose clothing, putting product in clothing.

People asking for help loading items. And they’ve stolen them.

They ship it to a local fencer and the fencer sells it to stores posing as a vendor.

Managers. (<—worst note taker ever. as if I'd remember what that meant.)

Deter loss, front lanes. These associates are new, gullible.

Fri-sat-sun checking receipts.

Safe secure profitable audit – jesus caught internal theft. That is so weird to name your kid jesus to me. Hey-seuss, whatever. It looks like jesus.

O shit I just hiccup’d really loud. And Gigi just barked. Don’t apologize. They will never know it was you.

When in doubt count it out GET IT? INVENTOREEEE

“Greg this is not to disparage you, this is a learning process for everyone”. HAHA Greg, suckerrrr.

“Autumn, if you want to speak to that.” …… ummmmmm. Blah blah blah.

Overbudget meeting. Tell a manager to tell ME when it is necessary and when the meeting will be scheduled. My boss wants to be there.

Current week circular in the drawer.

End notes, get dressed.


5 responses to “Conference Call, An Inside Look

  1. They’ll come into town like the carnival and sweep all retailers. That’s who these people are.

    LOL – YES! I have heard this at every loss prevention meeting at every retail company ever.

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