Breathe Deep, or, The Last Entry Of 2012

UPDATE: Went and grabbed my brother for New Years at The House.

I thought it was weird to hear my phone chime in the middle of assigning keys to everyone yesterday morning. It’s not a common time to be getting any messages. Christopher sent a poem and I was unsuspecting enough to read it.

It’s a little thing called darkness,
you know that’s where I went wrong.
It sent me into madness
How you know where I belong

Red the Book I wrote of sadness
I was only fighting on
In my heart you’re always with me
even if its been too long

Every night I drink towards happiness
but you know mine is always gone…
So send us straight on to the darkness
you know that’s where we belong.

Naturally, my eyes just started filling with water. Not now and not here.

I watched the staff collect in a group by the multichannel desk, getting pumped for a new day. I was waiting to unlock the doors, amazed by the hiccups that get to you in the middle of trying to do everything. So utterly frustrating. This is not how we’re going down.

I’ll find it, Christopher, I thought, as if I was about to open the gates to everything that went scattered.

I’m going up north to see my family today. We’re bringing the dogs and all of that. I’ll have my laptop so I can make a little book of all the gardening I’ve done this year, for my aunt and grandma. And I will make a conscious effort to laugh and have a good time. I’ll probably read the manual to my BB Gun on the way there. I suggested pizza to everyone, a wacky idea in the face of Christmas feasts, but it’s different enough that I like it, especially the idea of sparing everyone the hassle of cooking.

Everyone, I could use your help. Knock it out today. Really own what’s left of this year and send yourself blazing into the next. You do that from over there, I’ll do that from over here, and we’ll fight the boss together.

See you all soon, love,

-Autumn May-


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