11813 is a very important number to me, making this a very important day in which the most important things will surely, undoubtedly – just kidding. There is no stupid numbers game that I play. It is the day of my review, though. To quote the person getting their papers prepared for it, "It will end the day on a good note". So there's my motivation for walking into it.

It's a "ton of coffee" day, as well. I can feel it. Maybe something for the slightly weak-feeling, with a cream and sugar tossed in. Splash of skim milk. Hella Latte day. Reversible! Day Latte Hella.

My brother leaves little sayings in my notebooks. Here, he doodled on some stationary and made the desserts evil.

I'm ovaries deep in busy work – sheriff asked me to look in to a case of identity theft and I was able to uncover information that wasn't reflected in the report. Shot that back over, felt like progress. I'm trying to crack the whip on our community involvement team and get our butts doing something good. I love everyone on that board but I feel like we continuously meet and then go back to our lives and do nothing differently. Also, I looked into something suspicious for my big boss and he thanked me for the fast response, which is the kinda recognition that always makes a person feel like they're kicking a little ass. So a big 'thumbs up' as far as making sure that I can never be replaced by a robot.

You know all of those self-help/business books that accompany entire programs for improving and leading and yadda yadda yadda, lots of money, everyone-do-this? My company stands behind a few of those and I recently went through a strengths assessment. The idea is to identify your top five and then research how to build on them and use them and partner with other labels and help the labels that are the same and how to different label, label you, blah blah blah. You get it. I did it.

And for my own pure amusement I'm going to talk about it all damn day today, just like people who rant on and on about their zodiac symbols and how a Scorpio does this or does that. It's gonna be pretty great. See also: get others to start lecturing on their own labels and use that time to zone out, gather my thoughts and figure out what I'm having for lunch.

So here's to a good day at work, and especially the two days after that I have off! Yea that's right! To all my people who are livin' it like today be Friday – LEMME SEE YO HANDS UP.

*zero reaction from the rest of the world*

Well then! *puts her arms down and blends back into the mass population*

Carry on.


4 responses to “TGIT

  1. You’re truly an Emma Peel indeed, if I may say so. They could not even begin to come close in replicating you in as a synthetic, they are good, but they are nothing that good at it, although it would be very cool in that if they ever were to replicate us, if we had a hand in the designing of. Um, I could see you as a Synthetic Emma Peel, however Jonathan Steed, would have to take the supporting role, as you’re definitely far more intelligent and 100 percent class, savvy and cool to be a assistant. But the question remains, in all of this, is what would be your forte? And Weapons of choice?

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