Made It.

I can officially say that this entry is the product of my first personal cable connection! I’m already sharing more between my phone and laptop, which is making it easier to keep up with everyone and do more online. The photo above was my drink and dessert for lunch at today’s volunteer event; we honored local students who turned their grades around.

At the clubhouse we were accompanied by a string section that sounded amazing.
Everyone who knows me, knows that I like to work smart. So if I can donate gift cards and drive revenue, that’s the sort of charity I enjoy.

Seeing this again makes me hungry, which isn’t good.
Not a bad way to spend a day off. Now that I’m dressed up (see: not im my pajamas) I suppose I should knock out a few errands.For pure amusement’s sake I am attaching what little I managed to write one night last week after too many beverages, to bide me time until I can sit here again and really be here. Until then I hope everyone is well.

See you soon.

Tonight I got home and I am halfway between planets, slowed by typos because I learned the keyboard in a very particular way where my hands hover over the center of the keyboard and I proceed to type with my middle, pointer and ring fingers as they move from the center out, having memorized the space between, say, the “R” and the “X” key and then POUND.
This is the story of my life.

There is no guarantee, here. Only the space between rows of keys and estimated time arrivals.


Because I am. I want the force of my fingers to resonate so fucking far you wouldn’t even believe unless you’d been there, so many years ago, from the very start.

Then you’d know. It’s Pound Time.

I’ve come a long way from the wretched old RAM you tossed.

And If I ever get the chance,
I’m crawling through your wires,
And I’m going to bleed from the speakers
And puddle right there, red in your seat.



3 responses to “Made It.

  1. :)

    You were so very missed:

    Like a pinball without power,
    Like a Ginger-less Fred,
    Like a string-less Stradivarius,
    like a flowerless flower bed,

    ~It is wonderful to see that you’re back.

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