Of Flowers, Silence and Lots Of Trying


There was a frost advisory last night so I ran out and cut these lilacs in case the cold weather destroyed them. Now I have a massive vase indoors and the lilac shrubs seem to be okay, too.





My mom bought me this decorative egg a few years back when we were walking through an antique store together. <3

Speaking of flowers, I made sure to order a big display of roses for my mom last week and decided to have it delivered early to beat any Mother’s Day confusion. I thought it was odd that she had never thanked me – in fact, the following few days of silence slowly drove me crazy –  so I called the florist a few days later and low and behold – they had taken my money and lost my order. !!! I was so upset.

The florist was all, “Well you specified not to substitute anything and we couldn’t find [some random thing here] so we shelved your order, didn’t call and forgot about it.” Wow. At least they owned up to the fault.

They made up for their asshattery by upgrading the flowers and the manager delivered them herself along with an apology to my mom. Oh yeah – and I got a discount. So my mom was with her lovely arrangement by Mother’s Day, I could afford to put gas in my car and it was as happy of an ending as I can muster at this time. Of course it would have been better had I been able to get away and visit her.

I’ve been so busy that I just hope the flowers will help speak for the good I’m trying to do.



12 responses to “Of Flowers, Silence and Lots Of Trying

  1. i think lilacs have my all-time-favorite smell. ours got taken by frost this spring. of my seven or so bushes, not one bloom. so inhale deeply for me.

    and i watched your video! what love and care you put into things.

  2. You’ve been nominated for the Liebster Blog award for bloggers.
    Look at my post “This is about nominations…” Down the page a ways is a statement in light blue
    Again, you have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. Please follow the directions after the OKAY ROUND TWO.
    Thanks for helping me and congratulations.
    If this is unclear let me know.
    Thanks again

  3. Beautiful lilacs, they look great. And that’s funny about the flowers for your mom, not many people in the florist’s position would own up to it. I would have blamed the delivery guy.

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