Speed, Energy and a Dog with “The” In Her Name.


If I stir too much in the morning The Duchess will come up from the foot of the bed, flop against me and expose her belly for scratchings. And if I stop too soon she’ll paw my arm, as if trying to put me back to work.




11 responses to “Speed, Energy and a Dog with “The” In Her Name.

    • Yeah, I plucked you for my blogroll because you’re really able to connect with the sort of chronic melancholia I always try to conquer. Thanks for being able to communicate it so well.

      • It is my gift and my curse. However, your intention was clearly to compliment me, so I say thank you to.
        I hope we get to live more of our lives in the sunlight than we do today.
        Take care my friend.

  1. That’s because you were dreaming of me,love (see even though it’s been a minute we are still connected)…I’ve only finished bleaching my hair, Now I am dying it blue

    • What’s LJ? lol *acts dumb* I recently deleted my tracks to here from there.

      And thank you! My bday weekend was a bit emotional but I loved being off from work.

  2. oh! that happens to me. dream paralysis! i’ve never known of it happening to anyone else. i’ve never even been able to describe it. but what do you think it is? or more why, i suppose?

  3. If you are to be roused from dreams, better it be from a position of unconditional love and adoration and not, say, a house fire.

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