Uncle Sam Is An Alcoholic


The double-edged sword, the catch-22

The dream had and lost, the red white and blue

Your freedoms not free, your fallen not few

a lifetime of trials and allegiance to you


My brother was back for the fourth of July. He got stickered with American flags, grabbed the hat I got from the dollar store and mixed those things with enough beer to put on quite a show as everyone walked past our house to get to the fireworks site.

When he’s funny, he’s hilarious but everything is so uncertain – so unscripted and over the edge that when you’re in his company you’re constantly worried that something bad is about to happen. I dunno how to explain it any other way… it’s the madness and the laughter and the violence that all comes together and scares you while being really, really entertaining.

We grilled stuffed jalapenos, set off fireworks in the driveway and spent most of the next day sleeping in. Then we started drinking again in a breastaurant next to a theater that served drinks (where we saw ‘This Is the End’) and walked over on the other side to a different bar for dinner drinks. Etc. More crashing and being tired.

At work the constant, incessant theme is always “safe and secure, safe and secure. Careful on that ladder. Lift with your legs. Blah blah blah.” This holiday as I was lighting one of the mystery fuses with the boys’ lighter, I thought to myself, “This isn’t very safe & secure”…

But I kept that to myself.


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