Coming To Think Pink


This was originally intended to be a quick photo of the pink lilies I brought inside (bottom:right) and ended up as several inside photos from my home’s “pink room” where many things are contained. And yes, those are Furbies from different generations.


Outside, a lot of the pink lilies have taken over.





I did a little research on how we came to associate “pink” with things like: glamour, girls, etc and it seems to have taken a lot of strong opinion over a span of time in order for us to so widely share our description and its “appropriate” applications in western culture. My personal belief is that there had to be more logical association behind it. Maybe the way we thought of the color pink began as simple as the reactions from a girl’s flushed face. Or vagina.

Then one day while on the battlefield a king tore the heart from his enemy. It was red. So he was all, “We’re giving red to the guys.” Etc etc, and so the colors were assigned.



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