Support For Your Product


This is from a different LP office I visited recently. Let’s forgive their spelling error; the little puppy is too cute. Everything there was clearly labeled – you gotta love a space that’s easy to understand.

Today I watched a young man grab something a certain way and mess with it in the back corner. He looked to see how the package came open. He stood there like he was looking at cables. He shoved it up his sweatshirt. Petty.

After I shared this with my coworkers, they contacted the suspect and got the item back. Then he went up to the service desk where the other, older member of his party was purchasing a home security system.

Concerned that my paying customer may not know to point the cameras inside the house, I waited for them to approach the exit and I said, “Oh, hey! I’ll bring you a shopping cart the next time you need one – you don’t have to put items up your shirt.”

“Oh, Um, Okay, I was just um, okay thank you.”

“What was she talking about?!?!” I heard her say, as they walked outside.

A few minutes later the would-be-thief came back inside because his mother had left her phone, but was too humiliated to come back in for it herself. The point had landed.

Not in our house. Maybe in hers, unfortunately…but not in ours.


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