Not Another Slutty Angel

On devil’s night we dressed as ghouls and souls of the departed

And once the joker look-a-likes all had their fires started

It seemed like darkness could prevail and evil would bring pain

The thunder cracked, the clouds came in

And doused the flames with rain


We had a very wet Halloween that resulted in fewer trick-or-treaters. Several days later I find myself reaching for the bowl of leftover candy which cannot be good for me! The biggest highlight was probably when I showed up for a party dressed as the devil and saw everyone’s jaw drop at the nerve I had to literally reflect their quiet thoughts.

Work has gotten considerably better. I previously wrote a little bit about having to deal with specific people who decidedly weren’t supporters. After a little confrontation, a little smart play and a little time I have managed to turn a lot of that around. Heck, I got another raise, too, once I explained how much more I was doing since my last bump. As long as I can mingle comfortably, be compensated and get my job done then I can’t complain (as much).

There are some opportunities, however. I’m struggling with drastic coverage gaps and silly mistakes behind the counter that result in loss. It’s a balance between my own line of defense/strengthening that and identifying systematic accidents, understanding them and getting accountability. Anti-theft protection and product control can so easily be overlooked – and of course, so can those who look to take advantage. 

My question for all of it is the same:  How can I catch it happening?

The frustration of the aftermath: the theories, the reactionary initiatives. Even if it is allowed to happen.  If I cannot change any one policy or person. If I can just catch it before it’s too late.

I’ll take really good care of it.


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