Deliberate Release


##POP! ##POP!## POP!## POP!

The sound of balloons being wasted so instantly caused me to run over to the department that had spruced up their displays with the little round helium balls.

“Not like that! You’re being loud for nothing!” I interrupted, waving my arms and causing the gentlemen to lower their scissors.

Then I showed them the proper way to deflate a balloon. I reached for the cutting knife in my drawer, stretched the part of the balloon just above the knot, between my index and middle finger, and extracted the blade in my other hand.

“All you need is a little slit. It won’t make a sound.”

Once it had been cut, I set the knife down and held the balloon in both hands. Slowly, silently, the air began to drain. I bit my lip and grinned.

“You can feel it, escaping.”

The boys stood still. There was a ‘wow’.

“Best part of all, that messy sick feeling we walk around with totally goes away for a while!” My arms shook like relief was rushing through my blood.

I may or may not have felt drunk as I tossed the little latex thing into the trash. But none of them followed my cue and they went back to stabbing with scissors.

“Autumn… likes to kill balloons… and watch them die as she cradles them in her hands,” I heard one of them say to the other.

As the weekend came to a close, Isaac found a few strays still tied to a fixture at the back of the building. He unwound the ribbons, brought them up and dropped them on my desk before scurrying off.